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I Descend is a research service providing assistance to anyone who is:

  • Interested in researching their family.
  • Needing advice on how to work through difficulties with their family research.
  • Interested in connecting with other family researchers.
  • Looking for other descendants in their family.
  • Trying to locate missing people in their family.

I Descend gives practical advice and assistance how to:

  • Check and verify your information - Are you on the right track?
  • Discover new leads - Have you come to a brickwall with your research?
  • Connect with other descendants and researchers - Have you connected with others?
    By connecting with other descendants and researchers you have the opportunity to share information, confirm facts, gain additional information and discover new leads. When we work together with others we build a more accurate family history.
  • Find a missing relative - Did someone go missing in your family?
    Some relatives disappeared long ago. However, almost everyone leaves a trail. You just need to know where to look.

  • Recording Family History

    Genealogy is a record or table of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors.

    Family History is the study of the life of our ancestors.

    Most of us start out tracing our ancestors as a fun hobby. Collecting names and dates is an exciting place to start for the budding family researcher! A little way down the track, though, we desire for these names and dates on a page to come to life! We start searching for information and want to learn more about our ancestors - their lives, the locations and times in which they lived, their occupations and professions, their hardships and achievements, their pioneering spirit, their successes and their grief. We want to gain more understanding about them. We don't want them to stay just as names on a page for future generations to look at.

    We start with recording our Genealogy and finish with our Family History. We are literally putting flesh on the bones of our ancestors, bringing them to life. This is history of the most intriguing kind! We begin to study their historical circumstaces. What REALLY happened back then? We become a detective investigating every minor detail to find the evidence that we need to build the lives of our ancestors. Historical events come to life along with the lives of our ancestors to enable us to eventually tell the complete story about them.

    Three Generations of the Smith Family - 1904, Young NSW Australia

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